Program and Menu

Flexible Daily Schedule:

7:00 Welcoming & Greeting
8:00 Wash Hands (WH)
  Brain Food Breakfast (WH)
8:30 Morning Meeting All About Today
  Full Body Listening
  Months, Days of Week, Seasons
  Classroom Rules
  Review Numbers
8:50 Phonics
9:10 Computer Lab
9:55 Literacy and Math Writing
10:15 Outdoor Play
11:00 (WH) Centers
11:30 (WH) Brain Food Lunch (WH)
12:00 (WH) Reading/Listen and Respond to picture book
  Rest our Body & Minds
3:00 Yoga
3:15 Sign Language
3:30 (WH) Brain Food (WH)
3:45 Outdoor Play and/or Centers
5:45 (WH) Legos & TV
6:00 Classroom Closed and ready for another fun day!

Menu & Scheduled Activities